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Help Tell ALL the Stories of the 400,000 + US WWII Fallen

Donations will fund smartphone app development, training of volunteers, outreach and recognition campaigns, and education programs

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Donate to support the first ever project to tell the stories of every US WWII fallen

People who visit war memorials and cemeteries only see names and dates carved in stone.

That might have been adequate in the past, but it's not acceptable in the 21st century..

The mission of the nonprofit initiative Stories Behind the Stars is to collect the stories of all of the 400,000+ US World War II fallen in one common database. These stories are being written by hundreds of volunteers from all 50 states and many other countries.

We will have an accompanying smartphone app that anyone can use to scan the names of the fallen from any memorial or gravesite and get a link to read their stories right there. This will forever change the experience of visiting these hallowed sites.

There is no better way to honor those who paid the ultimate price for the freedoms we enjoy than support the mission to tell their stories - all 400,000+ of them.

Donate for yourself or in remembrance of someone (perhaps a WWII vet you know) who would like to see these fallen heroes remembered forever.

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